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The Ellison Center offers a number of resources for K-12 and community college educators. Teachers can browse curriculum and resource packets to use in the classroom, often produced as companion materials for teacher workshops. We also collect a number of additional resources on the REECAS region that may be of interest and use to educators. For community college instructors, we offer curriculum development grants and an annual Community College Master Teacher Institute (CCMTI) presented by the NRCs at the Jackson School.

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Ellison Center Outreach: Community College

UW Curriculum Development Grants:

The Ellison Center seeks proposals by Community College full time, part time, and adjunct faculty to develop curriculum on Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Grant applicants may propose the creation of a new course, the revision of an existing course, or the creation of a new course module, all to be taught at their current institution. Faculty from all disciplines are welcome to apply.




The Ellison Center promotes in-depth interdisciplinary study of all major postcommunist subregions – Eastern and Central Europe, the Baltic region, the Caucasus and Central Asia, and Russia – in order to understand the legacies of the imperial and communist past as well as to analyze the emerging institutions and identities that will shape Eurasia’s future.