The Ellison Center strongly urges REECAS MA students to make business cards shortly after their arrival at UW. Even if graduation may seem a long way away, it is important to have business cards while at the Jackson School for networking and to present a professional image. Business cards convey legitimacy and will help establish connections with others working in international affairs and other career fields.

As a REECAS MA student, you may make UW business cards. If you do so, please follow the below guideline so as to properly represent yourself and the REECAS program/Jackson School.

Student Business Card Model

Card ordering Process:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click “W Style” until you get to the personalization (design) page.
  3. For Style, choose “‘University of Washington’ above Department name”
  4. For Title, write “M.A. Candidate”
  5. For Department 1, write “Jackson School of International Studies”
  6. For Campus Box, write 353650. (That’s the Jackson School.)
  7. For Zip Code, write 98195 (That’s UW)
  8. Add your phone and the email you check regularly. (UW email recommended. Regardless, make sure that the email you use is professional and sophisticated. Ideally, it should have a clear association with your name.)