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Building your brand: 3 ways to make the most of your Thanksgiving break

By Sarah McPhee

Thanksgiving holiday is a time of gratitude, family feasts, cozy nights and no-holds-barred shopping. Unless you are a graduate student or college senior. For us, it is a time for studying, writing, researching and worrying. There are many applications for internships, government programs and graduate schools to manage on top of our academic load just prior to dead week. You may be eating turkey at the table, watching football in the den, or waiting in line for a Hollywood blockbuster, but the question will inevitably come up — “So, what are your plans after graduation?”

The truth is, even if you are proactive, that is a question you might not be able to answer just yet. Fortunately, there are small but powerful things that you can do to polish your image, practice your professionalism, and network while you are still in school. Here are three strategies you can work on over Thanksgiving break, so when your greatest-generation grandparents ask you what you are doing to make yourself more attractive to employers, you can feel a little more confident about your efforts.


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From St. Petersburg to Sochi: New Colors and Remnants of the Past

By Jenny Jarrett


After living in Russia for one year and visiting again prior to my trip this summer, I thought that  I would be very prepared for my experiences in St. Petersburg and Sochi. To my surprise, neither city was anything like Moscow or the lovely village of Beloomut, on the outskirts of Moscow.