Interested in Russia, Eastern Europe or Central Asia?  Want to explore that interest and get credit for your knowledge of the region, while still pursuing another major?  The REECAS Minor will allow you to take advantage of our course offerings and document your specialized knowledge for future employment or academic goals.

The REECAS Minor requires 30 credits with at least 15 credits at 300 level or above, to include:

  1.                 JSIS 301 Europe Today (5 credits)
  2.                 A modern REECAS survey course (5 credits)
  3.                 Four (usually) courses from the elective list (20 credits)

* Optional Language Credit: Students are encouraged to study a relevant REECAS language. A maximum of 10 total credits of language study from the second year or higher can count toward the minor.

* Optional Experiential Learning Credit: Students are encouraged to participate in service learning and study abroad programs.

Please note: Coursework must represent at least three departments; a minimum grade of 2.0 is required in all courses that apply to the minor; and a minimum of 15 credits must be completed at the University of Washington.

REECAS Survey Courses:*
JSIS A 345 Baltic Cultures
HSTEU 454 Baltic History
JSIS A 455 Baltic States since 1991
JSIS A 479 Contemporary Central Asian Politics
JSIS A 418 Eastern Europe: Political Economy of the Region
JSIS D 472 Peoples and Cultures of Central and Inner Asia
JSIS D 445 Politics and Society in Eastern Europe
JSIS A 420 Post-Soviet Security
POL S 326 Scandinavia in World Affairs
JSIS A 430 Security Affairs of Russia & Eurasia
JSIS A 348 The EU as a Global Actor
* Also may be counted as REECAS elective if not applied to the REECAS survey requirement.
Approved Electives:
ECON 490 Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 495 Economic Transformation of Russia and Eastern Europe
GEOG 433 Resource Use and Management in Russia and the Former Soviet Republics
HSTEU 445 Twentieth-Century Russia
HSTEU 451 East-Central Europe Since  1342
HSTEU 452 Eastern Europe since 1918
HSTEU 453 History of the Balkans 1400 to present
JSIS A 344 Baltic States & Scandinavia
JSIS A 379 Turkic Peoples of Central Asia
JSIS A 427 Anthropology of the Post-Soviet States
JSIS A 444 Imperial Russia:1700-1900
JSIS B 330 International Political Economy
JSIS B 332 Political Economy of International Trade and Finance
JSIS B 427 Weapons of Mass Destruction
JSIS B 436 Ethnic Politics & Nationalism in Multi-Ethnic Societies
JSIS B 440 History of Communism
NEAR E 363 Oral Literature of the Turkic Peoples of Central Asia
POL S 420 Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy
POL S 421 Relations Among Communist and Post-Communist States
POL S 441 Government and Politics of Russia
POL S 460 Political Economy of the European Union
POLSH 420 Polish Literature in English
RUSS 430 Major Authors
RUSS 322 Russian Literature and Culture 1700 – 1900
RUSS 323 Russian Literature and Culture of the Twentieth Century
RUSS 324 Russian Folk Literature in English
RUSS 420 Topics in Russian Literature and Cultural History
RUSS 421 Post-Soviet Literary and Cultural Scene
RUSS 422 Russian Literature in Emigration and Exile
RUSS 423 Russian Film
RUSS 424 Topics in Ethnicity and Cultural Identity
RUSS 425 Russian Drama
RUSS 426 Russian Art and Architecture
RUSS 483 Russian Literature in Russia
RUSS 486 Culture in Russia
RUSS 490 Studies in Russian Literature
SLAV 320 The Other Europe: Post War World II East European Fiction
SLAV 323 Masterpieces of East European Cinema
SLAV 351 History of the Slavic Languages
SLAV 420 East European Literature
SLAV 423 East European Film
SLAV 470 Special Topics in Slavic Linguistics
SLAV 481 East European Languages in Eastern Europe
SLAV 483 East European Literature in Eastern Europe
SLAV 486 East European Culture in Eastern Europe
Plus these Topics courses when content is appropriate:
JSIS 479 Special Topics Jewish Studies (REECA topics only)
JSIS 488 Special Topics Europe (topics in Eastern Europe only)
JSIS 489 Special Topics REECA
JSIS 498 Readings in International Studies (when topic is REECA; limited to International Studies majors
JSIS A 302 European Politics & cultures (when topic is E Europe; priority to Euro Studies majors)
JSIS A 494 Euro studies Senior Seminar (when topic is E Europe; Priority to Euro Studies majors)
Approved Language Electives (maximum 10 credits):
BCS 404 Second year BCS
BCS 405 Second year BCS
BCS 406 Second year BCS
BCS 410 Intensive third year BCS
CZECH 404 Second year CZECH
CZECH 405 Second year CZECH
CZECH 406 Second year CZECH
ESTO 201 Second year Estonian
ESTO 202 Second year Estonian
ESTO 203 Second year Estonian
ESTO 250 Intensive Intermediate Estonian
LATV 201 Second year Latvian
LATV 202 Second year Latvian
LATV 203 Second year Latvian
LATV 250 Intensive Intermediate Latvian
LITH 201 Second year Lithuanian
LITH 202 Second year Lithuanian
LITH 203 Second year Lithuanian
LITH 250 Intensive Intermediate Lithuanian
POLSH  404 Second year Polish
POLSH 405 Second year Polish
POLSH 406 Second year Polish
RUSS 201 Second year Russian
RUSS 202 Second year Russian
RUSS 203 Second year Russian
RUSS 250 Intensive second year Russian
RUSS 301 Third year Russian
RUSS 302 Third year Russian
RUSS 303 Third year Russian
RUSS 304 Readings and Translations
RUSS 313 Business Russian
RUSS 350 Intensive third year Russian
RUSS 401 Fourth year Russian
RUSS 402 Fourth year Russian
RUSS 403 Fourth year Russian
RUSS 450 Intensive fourth year Russian
RUSS 451 Structure of Russian
RUSS 481 Russian Language in Russian
RUSS 482 Research Project in Russian
TKIC 404 Intense Intermediate Uzbek
TKIC 405 Intensive Intermediate Kazak
TKIC 421 Intermediate Uzbek
TKIC 422 Intermediate Uzbek
TKIC 423 Intermediate Uzbek
TKIC 427 Intermediate Uygur
TKIC 428 Intermediate Uygur
TKIC 429 Intermediate Uygur
TKIC 437 Advanced Uygur
TKIC 438 Advanced Uygur


Course electives may change as new courses are added.  Please contact the REECAS program for questions about courses that qualify.