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Initiative to start a Russian-English Dual Immersion classroom in WA state

Russian in Bellevue 2If in the future you would like your kids to be biliterate both in Russian and English (speaking Russian at home is NOT a requirement!), please fill out and submit the form below. Russian in Bellevue’s new initiative to start a Dual Language Immersion program in Russian and English depends on you!

They are looking into a number of districts around Seattle now, and your support gives us more chances to succeed!

The necessary fields are marked with an asterisk (*). This information will help them to show the interest which exists in such a program in WA state. It will not be shared with any third parties but the district they are petitioning, and for any other reasons but to estimate future enrollment.


Please address all your questions or concerns to: RussianInBellevue@gmail.com

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