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We’ve launched an Accelerated REECAS MA Program for US Military Foreign Area Officers! Now FAOs can get the Russian, East European and Central Asian knowledge they want on a schedule that fits their career needs. To learn more, please click here.

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FILM FESTIVAL | November 20-22 One Eye Laughing, One Eye Crying: Tales of Resistance

The title of the festival highlights a certain Romanian taste for dark humor and wisdom to reconcile life’s most demanding contradictions. This year’s edition celebrates Romania’s cultural, ethnic and religious diversity within a society where personal, unforgettable stories have challenged and altered the course of history. Through our selection of comedy-dramas, documentaries, and animation, you will discover the internationally praised ‘New Romanian Cinema’ and its precursors. Local and international special guests will present the movies and interact with the audience at the festival gala.


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Ellison Center Spotlight:

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See Professor Scott Radnitz’s new article Paranoia with a purpose: conspiracy theory and political coalitions in Kyrgyzstan in the Post-Soviet Affairs Journal.

Congratulations, Dr. Radnitz!


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Ellison Center Blog Spotlight:


See Professor Glennys Young‘s new article Havana, Cuba – April 2015: Just in Time up on the Ellison Center’s blog today!  She writes about  her recent trip to Havana, Cuba to conduct archival research.

She is working on two related book projects.  Refugee Worlds: The Spanish Civil War, Soviet Socialism, Franco’s Spain, and Memory Politics, is the first study of the global consequences of the displacement of Spanish Civil war exiles and refugees to the USSR, the repatriation of some to Spain beginning in 1954, and the role of “Soviet Spaniards” as military advisers and cultural intermediaries in the Cuban Revolution, among other anti-colonial struggles in the 1960s and 1970s.

She is also working on Returned: From the USSR to Franco’s Spain during the Cold War, which is the first monograph in any language on the repatriation of Spanish exiles in the USSR to Spain, the return of some to the USSR, the domestic political and cultural repercussions thereof in both countries, and the international significance for the Cold War international system.

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Featured REECAS Course:

FALL 2015


With the return of conflict to Europe in Ukraine and the continuation of conflicts near Europe’s borders as in Syria, essential questions for European security have re-emerged: how can conflicts be contained or resolved; how do post-conflict states and societies engage in the tasks of stabilization and reconstruction; how well or how poorly do post-conflict societies fare in creating the foundations for durable peace and prosperity; what lessons might European experiences bring to light for other conflicts around the world?



Summer and Fall 2015 classes are out and you can select and register for courses through the UW time schedule. Here is a list of selected REECAS classes:



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